International Costume Contests

General Information

Theme Halloween for adults
Judging criteria - Fitness of OTONA HALLOWEEN theme
- Originality of the costume
- Novelty of the costume
- Creativity of the costume
- Ambition for the contest
Application qualifications Age 20 years or older, individual or group consisting of max. 10 members
* As alcohol drinks will be served at the event, ages of all entrants must be 20 or older.
* Please bring your ID to take part in both the costume contest qualifying round and the final on Oct. 29, 2016.
* Please be sure to bring and show your Passport or Resident Card as your ID at the reception desk on the day of the costume contest.
Participation fee Free
* Cost of travel to the venue, costume and communications for application shall be assumed by each entrant.
Application period
for pre-vetting
From Thursday, September 1, 2016 to Friday, October 14, 2016
Deadline of application 18:00, Friday, October 14, 2016
Pre-vetting Pre-vetting of the costume contest is conducted by SHIBUYA OTONA HALLOWEEN Planning Committee.
How to apply
for the pre-vetting
Fill in the application form of our special website for the pre-vetting of the costume contest. Required information: Name, age, address, phone numbers, nationality, E-mail address and occupation of representative of the unit / numbers of members / costume theme / ambition.
Result of the pre-vetting 30 units who passed the pre-vetting are able to participate in the qualifying round of the costume contest scheduled from 15:30 to 16:30 on Saturday, October 29, 2016.
Result of the qualifying round 10 units who passed the pre-vetting are able to participate in the final round of the costume contest scheduled from 17:00 to 18:00 on Saturday, October 29, 2016.
Notice of pre-vetting result We will inform the result of the pre-vetting of the costume contest to your representative only when your unit has passed it via E-mail or phone on Monday, October 17, 2016.



Costume contest Rules

Prohibited Costumes
  • ■ Uniforms of people with special professional duties
    E.g.: Uniforms of police, firefighters, army, self-defense officials, or security officers, white coats, nurse uniforms, and railway workers' uniforms.
  • ■ Skimpy costumes
    Costumes which directly expose the skin of the breast, waist, etc. or underwear (applies to both men and women)
    Skimpy costumes must be worn with undergarments, stockings, leggings, or similar to avoid direct exposure of the skin.
  • ■ Offensive costumes
    Nazi uniforms, costumes reminiscent of terrorism, use of stage blood, tattoos, and similar, costumes reminiscent of particular individuals or racial discrimination.
  • ■ Cumbersome costumes
    Huge full-body suits, huge papier-mâché costumes, skirts and cloaks which are long enough to be dragged on the floor.
  • ■ Inappropriate costumes
    Costumes or ambition against public order and standards of decency.
    Costumes associate reindeer with under age such as kindergarteners' wear and sailor suit.
  • ■ Copyright
    Costumes may be at risk of infringement a copyright.
Prohibited Properties
  • ■ Physical items
    It is prohibited to bring a physical item with the maximum total length of three sides (height, width, and depth) at 200 cm or above or which weighs 30 kg or heavier. It is also prohibited to bring three or more physical items.
  • ■ Objects longer than 100 cm (regardless of the material)
    Umbrella, walking stick, or the similar brought as a part of the costume (An extensible one with maximum length exceeding 100 cm is also prohibited.).
    - It is prohibited to swing their around, even if it is 100 cm or shorter.
    - Costumes or ornamental objects such as helmets and armors, horn or ornament on shoulder or other that is longer than 100 cm.
  • ■ Weapons such as blunt weapons, bladed weapons, and chains
    - Toy guns, air guns, pointed objects, bladed weapons, and the similar.
    - Use of pointed ornaments for costumes such as helmets and armors are prohibited.
    - The above objects are permitted if they are made of soft materials. Even in such a case, however, they must not be swung around or pointed at someone.
  • ■ Items that may do harm to people around
    - Roller skates, skateboards, objects which can be thrown (such as yo-yos, balls, and disks).
    - Any other objects deemed dangerous by the staff.
  • ■ Living things
    Birds, bugs, fish, or whatever (even if they are in containers).
  • ■ Alcohol drinks, fuels, chemicals, and noisemakers
    - Flammable materials, items made of highly flammable materials, items which give out strong odors.
    - Use of radio-cassette players, megaphones, or fire.
    - Making noise, including singing in chorus.
Other Rules
  • Any individual can only apply once. An individual cannot enter as an individual AND as part of a group. Multiple advance registrations may result in disqualification.
  • Entrants will be disqualified if their costumes, enthusiasm, or other elements are against the law, offensive to public order and morals, or deemed to defeat the purpose of the costume contest by the organizer.
  • Individuals involved in the organization of the costume contest cannot apply.
  • The SHIBUYA OTONA HALLOWEEN Planning Committee is not liable for any damage that the costume contest may cause to an entrant (including liability for damages caused by infringement of copyright by a costume).
Rules That Apply on the Day of the Event
  • Entrant shall gather at the costume contest venue by 13:00(planned), dressed in your costumes.
  • Cost of travel to the venue and costume shall be assumed by each entrant.
  • We inform the details of the qualifying round of the costume contest only to the unit representative who pass the pre-vetting.
  • Please note that videos or photos will be taken at the both qualifying round, final of the costume contest and International Halloween Party, and may be interviewed individually, broadcasted on TV or otherwise published.
  • Both qualifying round, final of the costume contest and International Halloween Party may possibly be cancelled depending on weather condition, etc.
  • Our telephone line may be busy on the day of the event. Please refer our special web site, if you need to contact us.
  • Item to be brought to the venue: ID (copy is not allowed)
    * All entrants must be verified by presenting your ID.
    * Noncitizens need to bring and present PASSPORT or RESIDENT CARD as your ID.
  • Please note that entry of people who will destroy the atmosphere of the venue may be rejected.
  • Alcohol drinks are sold at the venue. Heavily intoxicated people may be asked to leave the venue. Please NEVER drink and drive.
  • People who do not follow instructions of the staff or engage in behaviors which bring trouble to others inside or outside the venue may be forced out of the venue or rejected from entering it. Drink or food tickets of such people will not be refunded.
  • Changing clothes, painting bodies, or engaging in similar behaviors in a restroom of Hikarie or nearby station facilities shall be prohibited because such behaviors will cause trouble to the public.
  • Please note that videos or photos of the venue including audience seats may be broadcasted on TV or otherwise published.
  • In the event of cancellation or discontinuation of the costume contest due to a natural disaster, the organizer will announce to that effect and guide you as needed.
Our application term is now over. Thank you very much for your applying.